Andmore Planning will help you with all you planning needs. Whether you are looking to develop land or wish to participate in the planning process we will discuss your needs and tailor a strategy for moving the project forward.

We understand that town planning can be a complicated subject especially when it comes to interpreting a plethora of planning policy in a time when there are seemingly 20 different government and council documents that relate to you. Planning is going through a period of change and the government is attempting to streamline it. However, in the interim council’s are struggling to update their documents fast enough and often there are more than one core document to interrogate. We will work this out for you. Having worked in many local authorities in the country we are already aware of the key documents and the way these are supposed to be read in conjunction with each other. We will advise of the key policies and guidance notes that relate directly to you and your scheme. This could be for a site appraisal, a standalone planning statement to support an application, interpretation of plans and documents relating to your neighbours extension or advice on the appeals process and how to take part.

Andmore Planning will formulate the strategy you need to meet your objectives. We will ensure we know what your goals are and the strategy you need to get there will be vitally important. With the experience we have gained of working on a wide range of projects our strategy will be clear, informed and realistic setting out a programme of events and target dates to ensure your work is completed within your timescales.

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