The Planning Inspectorate (aka PINS) are there to make impartial decisions on applications that have been either refused or not determined within the set time-frame by the Local Authority. However, before they can come to a decision reports need to be written to present either side of the argument in the best light. Both the appellant and the Council will need to present their case to PINS whether through written representation, informal hearing or at a public inquiry.

Andmore Planning will write such reports and either lodge the appeal or defend the Local Authority’s decision. This is often a complex process, and we will advise on the best route through the appeal. While the Inspectorate will confirm which approach to take it is down to the appellant to request a particular route – be that written representations, an informal hearing or a public inquiry.

We will provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation and whether you are likely to be successful with your Planning Appeal. We never encourage clients to pursue an appeal where it is highly unlikely to succeed, but there are usually opportunities to improve your case, often dramatically so. We may be able to reformulate cases on appeal, transforming them from something that was likely to fail, to something that has a reasonable chance of success.  If you have a refusal on your hands, or just want the comfort that we know what to do if it comes to an appeal, contact us here.

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