We have vast experience in promoting sites for commercial and employment uses, including retail, industrial and office space, as well as larger mixed-use schemes. We understand the importance of working with Local Planning Authorities in un-picking their policies to get the most out of the land, whether the use conforms with their Development Plan, or not.

If you need an assessment of their employment land review; a justification for a departure from a long-standing allocation; or simply need a new commercial unit then we may be able to help you.

A successful commercial development must provide flexible spaces which allow you to adapt quickly to future market changes. We can work with your architects and the rest of the consultant team to design a functional and efficient commercial development, whether that’s in a town centre, a retail park, or a refurbishment of aged properties. We can help you to maximise the usable space within the physical parameters of the building, which in turn maximises the return on your investment, too.

In terms of employment we know our stuff. We can use the National Employment Densities Guide to work out the level of employment in your development, and work this into any policy justification to present to the Council. With unemployment a major national issue and at the forefront of most local Councillor’s minds, it is key to address this issue in a robust manner.

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