Persons involved in buying, selling, lending, and managing land a properties routinely need to perform a variety of types of commercial property due diligence. In a planning sense, this involves carrying out planning history searches and a forensic review of existing planning permissions, including refusals, withdrawals and any enforcement actions taken on a site. In some cases it may also include co-ordinating Phase I and II Environmental Impact Assessments. We can undertake a full planning assessment of the site to assist in your legal requirements when purchasing or leasing it.

This can truly add value to your decision-making through:

  • Limiting costs through efficiency
  • Identifying deal breakers, key risks and operational issues
  • Contributing to the final investment decision and negotiations

Finally, we can present your due diligence reports in the most appropriate way for you; be that in a spreadsheet, word document, bound report, or simply a list in an email. Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can help you pursue your site.

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