As town planners we are always striving to create vibrant and interesting places for people to live, work and enjoy. The balance of providing all these aspirations in one building is difficult but very rewarding. With a mix of uses and quality design solutions, mixed-use developments are continuing to change the way we see our town centres. There are tried and tested models dating back many centuries, with examples of early mixed-use schemes including the modest high street terrace shop with residential flat above. The concept is not new but had been seemingly forgotten when the town and country was being divided up into zones of uses.

Local authorities now look to provide interest and activity at ground floor level providing uses that the public can interact with. This can be shops, community uses and other services that encourages comings and goings and a vitality that town centres should enjoy. Above and beyond these uses are other complimentary activities which can provide night-time entertainment along with residential units.

We have experience in providing the planning programme of events and supporting documentation to deliver a mixed-use scheme throughout the country. 

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