We are very experienced in dealing with the up to date 2015 legislation which has replaced the 2013 and 2014 Permitted Development Rights (some developers call it "PDR") Legislation allowing a change of use from existing B1(a) office space to C3 residential, and have extensive experience of submitting and running applications for a range of clients. 

The 2013 legislation has now been superseded by the recent changes that came into force in April 2015 and can be found here. This is supplemented by a 2016 update.

We are in constant dialogue with DCLG in respect of the forthcoming updates to the legislation and always aim to keep abreast of important changes which may affect our clients. All latest Government consultation for Permitted Development Rights can be found here.

We have had numerous successes across the London Boroughs; the Home Counties, and further afield. It's not always as straightforward as it first seems, dealing with flood risk, contamination and highways; some Councils can be resistant and may require a legal agreement to secure financial or restrictive obligations, for parking or the environment for example. Many of these "PDR" approvals have lead to further enhancements on a site through full new-build applications, securing a greater number of units and other associated amenities.

We have a team of technical consultants and lawyers we work closely with to ensure a smooth, well-informed process to secure a valuable approval.

111 Units plus new-build extensions in Croydon:

72 Units in Sutton:

137 Units in Slough: