Andmore Planning is acutely aware of the need for new housing throughout the country.  The Government launched its comprehensive housing strategy in November 2011. Since then they have been formulating plans for boosting the economy and building more homes. This doesn't mean that every housing scheme will get a clear run through the planning process. Andmore Planning will steer you and your development around the obstacles and provide expert advice on housing strategy and affordable homes provisions.

The residential sector can be complex and a good town planner is needed to liaise with the Local Authority and advise on the local policy relating to your particular site. We will provide policy interpretation, site appraisals, advice on density and plot ratios, design considerations and constraints to development. All these will influence your scheme.

Andmore Planning has connections with other consultants that are likely to be required to join your development team throughout- such as tree specialists, flood risk advisers, ecologists and transport planners. We can arrange and manage these consultants to ensure your planning application is submitted complete and validated first time.

Affordable housing has been a key part of the residential sector for many years now. However, there are still discussions to be had with Local Authorities in terms of quantum, location or contribution. These negotiations will be led by Andmore Planning to ensure the correct procedure is followed and how this may impact on your viability. Further negotiations will check that any legal agreements and CIL regulation requirements meet the necessary tests and calculated correctly.

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