Here at Andmore Planning we know the range of sites that are out there, and we have the skills to quickly assess these for you. we can put together site appraisals for your proposed use; providing our recommendations based on a number of factors.

We will assess the site's allocation in local planning policy; look at all the relevant national, regional and local policies; explores the site's planning history; and look at the physical attributes of the site.

Whether you need a series of sites appraised, or just one for a particular job, we can come up with a fee structure that suits you. We can also provide this vital information in a format that suits you.

Also worth mentioning here is the opportunity for you to ask us to find you a site. We can help right from the beginning: you give us a brief, and we'll do our best to find something that suits - both your aspirations, and the Local Planning Authority.

If you'd like to discuss the planning prospects of a site, contact us here 

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