Submitting an application is probably the best known part of the planning process. As straightforward as it sounds; and indeed can be; there may be some interesting hurdles to overcome on the way. We know where to look for the information that’s required, and can help you submit the best application possible. We will take the lead on compiling a high quality package, and submitting it, likely over the Planning Portal (opens in a new window), to the relevant Council.

Something to be aware of are the National Validation Requirements (opens in a new window) for planning applications, which require specific plans at specific scales to be submitted, as well as a suite of documents depending on the scale of your application. But also, there are often Local Validation Requirements, which may be trickier to translate.

Our experience means that we can decipher these requirements and make sure you’re on the top of the pile and registered in no time. With the submission of an application also comes pre-application discussions, and regular progress meetings with your assigned case officer. We can co-ordinate a team, or run the project in-house, again, depending on the complexity of the application, in order that the journey from submission to determination is as smooth as it can be.

Let us know if we can help you to submit your application in any way.

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